St. Thomas/Holy Spirit Learning Center is a preschool and daycare program

dedicated in providing an environment rich in experiences necessary to promote emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth in Early Childhood. We combine a positive Christian atmosphere with a multi-sensory curriculum. We bridge the gap from home to school, guiding children to a continued healthy self-image while building social skills. 



Our mother church is St. Thomas Holy Spirit Lutheran Church (ELCA), with whom we share facilities. Basic religion is offered to preschool children through daily devotions and Chapel on Thursdays with Pastor Jill Seagle. While we subscribe to Christian teachings and values, The Learning Center encourages not just tolerance, but true diversity, inclusivity, and fellowship amongst all, teaching children how to be loving global citizens.


Our age-appropriate and multi-sensory curriculum is a conglomeration of teaching philosophies that include Montessori, Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, Project Construct and Classical Methods. Concrete, hands-on activities and experiences are planned according to a calendar of themes and units which are relevant to the children. The My Father's World curriculum, new to our center, has also been added and implemented in all classes.



Discipline is handled in a very positive manner, stressing respect for self and others in order to promote social compatibility.  We also use the Love and Logic method, a philosophy that is neither punitive nor permissive, encouraging good character. We understand the importance of preparing even the youngest of children to be self-regulators.

What sets us apart? 

  • We offer State Inspected ratios

  • We experience low staff turnover

  • We combine the best of hands-on, strengths-centric curriculum to students

  • Most of our children enter kindergarten knowing letter sounds and some are reading at the 1st grade level .  Most of our children test exceptionally well for kindergarten.

  • We subscribe to the "Real Food First" mentality; nutritionally balanced cuisine is important. (See our sample menus here)

  • Our teachers and instructors must complete a minimum 12 hours of professional development (credited coursework) every year, ensuring we're abreast of new perspectives on child care and able to enact them